Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby Bond Nursing Cover @ The Lazy Mama Promo

image from the same website

Need I say more? This exactly will solve one my budgeting woes. Hoping I'll really win this stuff. I still cant figure out my chances since the promo just started. My only problem is I dont have a Twitter account to tweet this info which will give me more raffle entries. Do you think its about time for me to open a Twitter account? Let me think about it first.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Work week 30 update of my spending

So I started with a thousand pesos to spend for the entire week As of today here are my expenses:

- 20   tricycle fare
-   8   jeepney fare
- 12   rice from pantry

Yehey! I was able to save 106 pesos!  But I owe my friend P100 a few weeks back. Want to know the story? It was right after our wedding and the florist who is a family friend came to me for her PF. I decided I'll pay her her dues after a few days from the wedding day. I was about to hand her her taxi fare when I remembered I dont have any money with me since bridal dresses dont have pockets and the wedding bag that I have with me contained bigger bills. Good thing my officemate was there to rescue me and lent me P100. Hehe. Up until now I havent paid the money but since I have P106 with me, it will be paid tomorrow. Whew! Money really does just come and go.

Tomorrow is another start of the week. Im hoping my expenditures wont start as big as the first week. Nytie everyone. =)

Friday, July 29, 2011

My new exemption from must have list

So the other day I have posted a link of the things I want to buy for my baby. Only the essentials that I need to bring when labor day comes. When I got home and opened the items, I realized that there are still a lot of stuff missing. Sure I got the hospital bag covered but what about when our baby arrives at home?

So here are the things I bought so far:

Since Im a new mom I have not covered yet my baby's daily clothing, bathing and more... Hayz... To think I have already spent about three thousand for just a few things. Im thinking I'll just bring my mom next time to the department store so she can buy new stuff for the baby instead of me paying for them. I know grandma will delighted to do so. Hehe.

I have been browsing online and really determined to do breastfeeding I have decided to exclude this:

image from Google search
The reason:

Indicated in the post are the reasons why it should be avoided. I've decided not to because
  • Babies who use pacifiers are getting that need to suck met with something other than the breast, and therefore may decide to give up breastfeeding sooner than if they did not take a pacifier. 
  • Prolonged pacifier use can result in teeth misalignment, and can also occasionally lead to shaping of the soft palate or speech problems. 
  • Giving baby a pacifier will increase mom's chances of ovulating and getting pregnant. Exclusive breastfeeding, depending upon your breastfeeding frequency and other factors, is a method of birth control that can be more than 98% effective during the first 6 months and 94% effective during the second six months. Ensuring that all of baby's sucking needs are met at the breast increases the effectiveness of this method of contraception. (This I also learned from seminar.)
Good thing I found this site. =)

Going back to my expenses,

-20  tricycle fare
-  8  jeepney fare
-  8  half rice

Yehey! I think I can still make it until tomorrow. =)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jar System in Manila

A few years back I went to Singapore with a friend and attended a seminar by T. Harv Eker. Hoping some of you are familiar with it, it's Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI).

Basically you have to have 6 jars. These 6 jars are:

Financial Freedom Account ( 10% )
-money you cannot use except for investments and must make sure that the money will grow from this account. It cannot be used for spending.. This is the mother of all investments or the HEN where you can expect eggs to come through profit. If you spend the money on this jar, it's like killing the hen and expect that no more money will come to your pocket.

Long-term saving for spending account (LTSS – 10%)
-money you can use for big purchases such as a home or for travel.

Necessity account (55%)
-this is for everyday purchases. Include in this one your rent, food, utilities etc.

Education account (10%)
-for furthering your education. You can use the money to buy books or attend seminars which could help your personal growth.

Play account (10%)
-money you can use to splurge on yourself whenever you want to and not feel guilty. Everyone deserves a treat for themselves.

Give Account (5%)
-what goes around comes around. We must always learn how to share what we have.

Here's how I did before:

15th                         30th
FFA     1000                  1000
LTSS     500                   500
NEC    2000                  2000
EDUC    500                   500
PLAY     500                   500
GIVE     500                   500

Sigh... This was before... I know I cant do this now because I have to pay back my parents for the money we borrowed during the wedding. And imagine 2000 for necessities? That's because I was still living with them. Now I have accumulated more bills to pay for myself such as mobile, electricity, internet.

How's your budgeting so far?

My expenses yesterday:

taxi fare                     - 70
rice (with baon kse)  - 12

 Yesterdays remaining budget:

-  82

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chuck's Deli from Pakyaw

Hi mommies! So I think I will really go beyond my budget for this week. Luckily when I woke up and opened my email, I received an alert from that I have a pending voucher to be used. This will expire on Sunday. Just imagine my smile because I knew this was a budget saver for me. Well not actually since I bought the voucher months back. But this was a perfect time to be used since hubby Yin and I havent taken our brunch yet and I need something to take to office with me as baon.

My work starts at 3pm. I got to office around 1:15 to log in. This is to avoid being late. Hurriedly, my husband and I went to Eastwood City to check this restaurant Chuck's Deli. Traffic was heavy on the way going there even though classes was already suspended since 9AM due to typhoon. Right now NCR is under signal #1. I wanted to tell my husband not to go anymore but we havent eaten anything yet and both of us were hungry. From 1:15PM to 2:15PM we got to Eastwood City from Aurora Blvd. It took us an hour. Not sure if this is the usual travel time but I think the traffic really got most  of our time.

Upon entering the restaurant, it was warm and cozy. At first it was only the two of us there and the staff was very accommodating. I presented the voucher I printed and only to find out that I got the wrong page copied. But with luck always on our side, the staff said I could just present my ID for verification. Good thing that was enough since my name was really listed on their info sheet.

Then came one of the hardest part for me, choosing which sandwich to buy. I'm always torn among different choices. In the end I settled for the Chukatsu 1 slab. I asked for this to be cut in to four bite slices. My husband chose Chuck's burger. The serving is big enough to fill a big tummy too. Even Yin said, nabigla ata tiyan ko. Hehe.

The voucher I bought is good for 5 people. Since there was only the two of us, we can only use 2 as per T&C. The voucher is a 50% off of any of their item. From 300 to 150. Not bad right? I love group buying. Hehe.

The total amount we consumed was:

Chukatsu               -  445
Chuck's burger       -  265
extra cheese         -   45
SC approx.            -   20
2 vouchers              -600
Parking fee              - 40

So from yesterday's remaining budget of:

P 260

Mommies, im only on day 2. Do you think I can make it? =)

* all pics from google search

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First of everything

This is my first blog, first post, first time time to set a budget for me and my hubby Yin. I really should have started blogging months before but just couldnt find time courage to begin. Writing scares me. Im a woman of few words yet I want my own blog.

This week I set a budget of P1000 for me and hubby Yin. This P1000 should last the two of us until Sunday.

Here's how we spent our money for Monday:

P135 - food
P170 - baby stuff
P180 - food
P40   - parking
P525 - total

Hmm, wonder how we can get through until Sunday... My thought is welcoming overdraft. Sigh.

Here is a picture of the very first item we bought for our baby.  

Chose this because this is included in and
checklist. We are just waiting for the sale in SM Centerpoint this weekend.

How about you? How do you set a budget for the family? Let me know.